Liquid Waterproofing Systems | Why Are They Becoming More Popular?

There are multiple options when it comes to deciding how to waterproof your roof. In the past, people have used systems including single ply, EPDM, hot melt, and felt. However, the introduction of liquid waterproofing has come with many additional benefits.

Compared to other flat roofing systems, liquid waterproofing systems offer a unique and diverse option for roof waterproofing. Early systems have been used from as far back as 1800. However, more sophisticated technology allows the mixing of new formulas. As a result, improved systems are becoming more readily available at increasingly cost-effective prices.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at why cold liquid applied waterproofing membranes are becoming increasingly popular for many roofing companies. We will also tell you which liquid system we would recommend using for different roofing projects.


Liquids are applied cold, eliminating the need and risk of naked flames and hot melt. This eliminates the potential of scolding yourself on the job, making your work safer for yourself and your colleagues.


Unlike other systems, in a lot of cases, there is no need to dismantle a roof and re-apply a new one. Liquids can be used over the top of existing roofs. This minimizes your time on site but also means you won’t be dealing with the excess material of the old roof. This makes liquid-applied products much more eco-friendly than other systems.

Time-Saving and Cost-Effective

With cure times as fast as 20-minutes you can finish domestic projects in a single day, reducing your own time on site as well as labour costs. Even more importantly, you to get to your next job sooner, therefore increasing the number of clients you can deal with in a year.

Tackle More Roofing Problems

Liquids can be applied much more freely than other products. For example, some roof repairs or a pitched roof can be quite challenging to completely waterproof, but with a spray-on liquid waterproofing system, it has never been easier.

It also makes it possible to securely waterproof gutters, an area that attributes to many leaks.

Improved Elasticity

Liquid waterproofing systems can offer between 200-600% elasticity to deal with most roof movements. As a result, the manufacturer can offer longer guarantees of up to 25 years, and will more than likely last much longer. This means you can be confident about your work and offer your clients the best of the best.

Product Recommendations

Now you know why roofing contractors are starting to use liquid systems, we suggest the following…

RapidRoof, a unique PMMA with high performance and rapid curing, is manufactured by LRS. Applied by brush or roller, RapidRoof is one of the fastest and most cost-effective waterproofing options for both commercial and residential projects.

FastCoat, also manufactured by LRS, is a single component liquid applied pure polyurethane. It provides fully bonded, tough and durable seamless waterproofing systems. FastCoat provides long performance life and exceptional UV resistance.

Elasto-Kote, manufactured by Karnak, is a SEB thermoplastic waterproof system designed specifically for application onto pitched roofs. It is ideal for metal, coated metal, concrete, and asbestos surfaces.

For application guides on these liquid waterproofing systems, check out LRS’ YouTube channel here.

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