Balconies, Walkways & Terraces

Balconies, walkways & terraces present additional challenges with regards to waterproofing. Often areas of heavy foot traffic, waterproofing systems need to be durable enough to withstand heavy traffic, waterproof and anti-skid finished.

Balconies, walkways & terraces need to withstand heavy foot traffic on a regular basis. Not only do these areas need to be completely water tight, but also durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic with an anti-skid finish.

LRS have developed waterproofing systems durable enough deal with both the high foot traffic and waterproofing of such areas.

Balconies & Terraces

Easy to apply, quick to cure, RapidDeck is LRS’ unique PMMA waterproofing system designed specifically to coat areas of foot traffic that need waterproofing.

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Areas of waterproofing Balcony
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FastCoat is LRS’ seamless, fully bonded, pure PU range which can include a traffic coat for areas of footfall.

For an in depth look at walkways and balcony specification, see this article by the LRWA.

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