Elasto-Kote LT is a cold liquid applied, fully bonded, seamless, metal corrosion-inhibiting coating. Elasto-Kote LT waterproofing membrane provides a tough surface coupled with 650% elasticity. Ideal for commercial and industrial metal cut edge corrosion protection.

As a SEB / SEBS thermoplastic waterproofing system, Elasto-Kote is designed specifically for application onto pitched metal roofs. With a built-in Rust Inhibitor and FM approved, Elasto-Kote offers an exceptionally high performing lap treatment system.

Our product is a single component self-priming SEBS elastomeric thermoplastic which is applied in 2 coats and comes with a 10-year product guarantee as standard. Typically showerproof in 30 minutes maximizing application time.

The entire area should be thoroughly cleaned down to remove all dirt, dust and corrosion. We advise using a 2000psi power wash and metal grinding disk.

Where required, areas of vulnerability should be detailed with KarnaFlex or KarnaFlex Tubes. For larger cracks or damaged areas KarnaFlex Tape can be used to reinforce these areas.

Embed the KarnaFlex Tape in 1ltr of KarnaFlex over the damaged area.

Using a brush, smooth the KarnaFlex Tape over forcing the KarnaFlex through the KarnaFlex Tape. Dabbing the KarnaFlex Tape with the brush is usually the most effective method of achieving the required finish. Apply additional 1ltr of KarnaFlex as required to fully embed the KarnaFlex Tape.

Ensure no creases or blisters are in the KarnaFlex Tape. When using KarnaFlex Tape completely saturate it with the KarnaFlex to ensure maximum adhesion and a smooth finish.

Once the surface has been cleaned and fully prepared, all side laps & mid laps will need to be detailed using either KarnaFlex or KarnaFlex Tubes.

On mid laps, ensure KarnaFlex is back brushed into the joint or gap of the Side Lap or Mid Lap ensuring the joint is completely sealed.

If using KarnaFlex Tubes a bead of approx. 6mm x 6mm will need to be applied on the joint of the side lap & mid lap to completely seal the joint.

All midlaps will need to be detailed using Karna-Flex tape and Karna-Flex. Ensure the top bolt fixing is covered with the Karna-Flex tape approx. 200mm wide.

Apply 1ltr per m² of Karna-Flex and while wet lay the Karna-Flex Tape into the wet coatings. This will need to be fully saturated and left with a smooth finish, then apply an additional; 0.5ltrs of Karna-Flex over the top.

LRS advise to feather out the edges of the KarnaFlex using a brush or similar.

When waterproofing the mid lap, LRS advise this is approx. 200mm wide. Ensure that the area treated includes the top bolt fixing.

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