RapidRoof Detailer is a two-component resin which is designed to provide waterproofing cover for upstands, pipes and hard to reach detailed areas that are difficult to reinforce.

It benefits from the same great features as RapidRoof including its cure time, durability, and flexibility. Furthermore, it has the additional benefit that it contains premixed fibres which provide additional strength, allowing for secure detailing of difficult areas.

RapidRoof Detailer can be applied in a single coat and is suitable for application onto most surfaces with exceptional adhesion properties.

Simple to apply and robust enough to deal with most roof detailing, RapidRoof Detailer is the ideal product to help with difficult roofs.

Cold weather application – designed to cure down to 0°c RapidRoof allows application even during the coldest of weather.

Suitable for application on to: OSB3 Roofing Boards, Old Felt, Asphalt, Concrete, Metal, Old Fibre Glass and compatible with standard GRP trims.

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