RapidRoof Crack and Joint Filler is our fast curing, high strength, trowel-applied, three-component resin mortar, designed for rapid and permanent repairs.

Remove all laitance, grease, oil, dust and other contaminants to provide a sound, clean substrate.

The prepared surface shall be primed by the application of LRS RapidRoof Primer. The mixed LRS RapidRoof Primer should be applied by brush or roller at a nominal rate of 1kg per 3-4m², depending upon surface profile. Allow the primer to cure for a minimum of 60 minutes.

LRS RapidRoof Crack and Joint Filler is supplied as a three component product consisting of the BASE component, the CATALYST component and the AGGREGATE component. The contents of the BASE and CATALYST component should be thoroughly mixed together and the AGGREGATE then introduced. A low speed drill stirrer will be suitable.

LRS RapidRoof Crack and Joint Filler should be applied by trowelling to ensure good compaction and a tight finish. The material should not be feather edged.

Allowing a minimum cure time of 1 hour ~ 20°C prior to foot trafficking and 2 hours @ 20°C prior to full trafficking.

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