Liquid waterproofing systems are needed for all applications whether that be roofs, gutters, car parks, balconies & terraces, walkways or tanking & podium decks. You need a waterproofing system that is built for purpose and durable enough to stand the test of time.

As a long standing member of the waterproofing industry, leading many areas of industrial and residential roofing and structural waterproofing. We have therefore developed quality liquid waterproofing systems for application onto all surfaces that need to be coated.


If you need a solution to waterproof a new or existing flat or pitched roof; LRS have got you covered. Discover the full ranges of our RapidRoof, FastCoat and Elasto-Kote systems which offer a waterproofing solution to every roof surface.


One of the most high risk leak areas of any roof, gutters require special treatment. RapidGutter is the leading system on the market to solve gutter leak problems.

Areas of waterproofing Gutters Image
Areas of waterproofing Car parks Image

Car Parks

RapidDeck is LRS’ cold liquid applied PMMA resin-based Car Park system. With great flexibility, rapid application and extreme durability, RapidDeck therefore delivers the ideal solution for vehicle traffic areas.

Balconies & Walkways

High performance, anti-skid waterproofing suitable for high foot traffic areas doesn’t need to be expensive. LRS’ RapidDeck demonstrates this perfectly because it is simple to use, cost effective and robust enough to deal with extreme conditions.

Areas of waterproofing Balcony
Areas of waterproofing Tanking

Walls & Tanking

LiquiTank is LRS’ highly advanced, eco-friendly polymer renowned in the construction industry as the industry leading underground tanking system, due to its longevity and hard wearing properties. It is therefore used the world over for structural waterproofing of large scale, industrial and residential construction projects.

We pride ourselves on our quality roofing systems and exceptional customer support. That’s why our systems therefore receive the highest certification possible, and we are proud to be longstanding members of the LRWA, NFRC and accepted by the NHBC.

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Features & Benefits


Approved certification


Up to 25 year guarantees available


Approved contractor training available


Over coat almost any surface


Cost effective against other systems