RapidRoof is LRS’ unique PMMA, high performance, rapid curing, cold liquid applied flat roof waterproofing range. With a typical curing time of 20 minutes, our Rapid Range of products is suitable for year-round application. Applied by brush or roller, RapidRoof is one of the fastest and most cost-effective waterproofing options for both commercial and residential flat roof projects.

With over 200% elasticity RapidRoof is tough, yet flexible enough to deal with most roof movement, unlike rigid systems. The RapidRoof range comes with our manufacturer’s product guarantee of 10 years. It’s UV stable and typically cures within 20 minutes.

RapidRoof is ideal for domestic projects or small industrial roofs and is available with an Anti-Skid finish for designated walkways, balconies or as a standalone waterproofing system. It is available in grey as standard or black if required (please call 01948 841 879 for other colour requirements, subject to minimum orders).

LRS RapidRoof is designed so that it can be applied directly onto most surfaces without the need for primer. This means it can be incorporated into the building of a new roof; applied onto OSB3 boards. Alternatively used to overcoat existing old or failed membranes including; felt, asphalt, metal, GRP etc, eliminating the need for stripping the roof and disturbing the substrate, saving time and money whilst limiting disruption on site.

RapidRoof is a 2-component simple to apply system and due to its liquid application and versatility to adhere to most surfaces; RapidRoof will self terminate, in most cases eliminating the requirement for flashings, new trims and expensive detailing. Its fully bonded application prevents water tracking and its seamless finish eliminates the risk inherent in jointed systems.

Cold weather application – designed to cure down to 0°c RapidRoof allows application even during the coldest of weather.

Suitable for application on OSB3 Roofing Boards, Old Felt, Asphalt, Concrete, Metal, Old Fibre Glass and compatible with standard GRP trims.

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