Simple to apply and robust enough to deal with most roof repairs, RapidRepair is LRS’ 20-minute emergency roof repair system. As part of the RapidRoof range, RapidRepair is specifically designed to provide an emergency solution for leaking roofs, gutters and other surfaces which have suffered damage or present a risk of leaking.

RapidRepair offers all the same features of the unique RapidRoof formula with the addition of premix fibres. Providing greater strength and bridging properties, allowing the faster and more effective application to acute areas of damage requiring repair.

RapidRepair is applied in a single coat and is suitable for application onto most surfaces. With over 200% elasticity and full flexibility, RapidRepair provides long-term emergency roof repairs which will not crack over time, stopping the need for a costly roof replacement. RapidRepair is ideal to keep on hand.

Simply mix in the catalyst, apply using a brush and wait 20 minutes to cure.

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