Car Parks

Car park coatings must be durable enough to withstand both heavy traffic and exposed conditions. Multi-storey and underground car parks are subject to many stresses including grit and salt effects, automotive pressures and fluids, atmospheric conditions and heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Ensure your project uses the most effective car park coatings and therefore delivers the best results for your customers.

Now available to you. LRS have made our industry leading RapidDeck Car Park specification available to our exclusive network of contractors.

Car Park Training Programme

If you are new to car parks we have extensive training available to you. Our specialist team have developed our Car Park Training Programme to equip you with all the tools you need. Learn the practical and theoretical side of car park coatings and their application. Call the experts now for more information on our exclusive Car Park Training Programme.


Opening doors to new work for contractors

If you’re a contractor wanting to get into the car park market, we have a great opportunity for you.
Our systems will allow you to bid for work that would have not otherwise been available to you.

For more information on car park specifications, call us on 01948 841879 or email the specialists today.