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If there is any dust or dirt on the surface the system will bond to this. Ensure the surface is fully clean by using a high pressure jet wash or similar cleaning method.

Ultimately, each project is unique, and it’s down to the applicator to decide the best method of cleaning for that specific surface.

LRS run regular training courses, here you will be trained on our systems and once completed will be awarded approved contractor status.

Call now on 01948 841879 to speak to our team of specialist about your training course requirements.

We strongly advise disposing of brushes and rollers after each use, this avoids any contamination occurring in the membrane and ensures a uniform finish. Due to this we advise using cheap brushes and short pile rollers.

Keep containers upright and tightly closed when not in use and keep from extreme temperatures.

Rapid Roof does not have to be applied in one day. You can apply different layers on different days if it is necessary. It is advised to always clean the surface before application of the next layer if there has been such a break from application.

RapidRoof is a self terminating system so it can be finished under or on any existing flashing. If terminating on a parapet wall, finish halfway up a clean and dust free brick course.

Using less or more catalyst can affect the curing process, but it may also cause an uneven and incomplete curing of the membrane. We advise to always stick to the prescribed catalyst to product ratio.

Cure For Light Foot Traffic: 1 hour 20°C. Vehicular Traffic: 2 Hours 20°C. Full chemical resistance: 24 hours @ 20°C.

The catalyst ratio equates to 2% of the main product, 20g of catalyst to every 1kg of product.

RapidRoof has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in original unopened containers.

Always check the weather forecast in advance. But for circumstances where rain is an immediate problem, what to do if it rains is stop application immediately.

Any product applied on a wet surface risks not bonding correctly.

If within the 20-minute curing window, cover up your existing work and wait for a good dry spell to continue. Thoroughly dry the coat between applications.

The FastCoat curing time is showerproof in 40-60 minutes and fully cured in around 4 hours.

Surfaces that need to be primed before applying FastCoat are Asbestos, Metal. Concrete, OSB3, Masonry, Single Ply.
If you are unsure we always advise speaking to one of our technical team.

FastCoat is fully reinforced which means between the base coat and top coat, a layer of reinforcement matting is applied. Lay the reinforcement matting on top of the base coat and saturate it by drawing the base coat through.

Elasto-Kote becomes showerproof in 40 minutes but will take up to 24 hours to become fully cured. We advise leaving 24 hours between applications.

Elasto-Kote is typically showerproof after 40 minutes depending on the weather conditions.

Elasto-Kote is self priming so does not require use of a primer on any surface. You should however use a surface wash if the surface is coated in debris.

Elasto-Kote can be used to coat asbestos, metal, concrete, single ply and EPDM.

Elasto-Kote cannot be used to coat felt, asphalt, OSB3, masonry or GRP. LRS have other systems suitable for coating these substrates.

Although Elasto-Kote is self-priming, you should still use a surface wash to prepare the surface if it is coated in debris. The two surface washes available are 799 which is used for all surfaces other than EPDM which is washed with 507.

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