Karnak 19 Ultra Flashing Cement is the next generation of elastomeric flashing cement. Designed as the most time saving and cost-effective roof leak repair product on the market. It is therefore used to cover cracks in failing systems because this product can reseal a leak instantaneously and can even be applied UNDERWATER.

Scientifically compounded with a selection of rubber reinforced asphalt, mineral fibres, and refined solvents. 19 Ultra is therefore manufactured to a heavy pliable consistency for easy application by trowel. 19 Ultra provides a durable elastomeric coating of greater strength, excellent adhesion and high resistance to water and weathering.

Take a look at our simple application video below to see just how simple and effective this roof leak repair system is.

It can be applied directly onto wet or dry surfaces and can even be applied in the rain or under water. Ideal for detailing roof lights, upstands and parapet walls, 19-Ultra is suitable for application onto felt, asphalt, concrete, metal, bitumen, tiles, downpipes, chimneys, wood and skylights.

There is no better instant roof leak repair system on the market right now than Karnak 19-Ultra.

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