RapidDeck is LRS’ unique, high-performance rapid curing, cold liquid applied PMMA traffic coat. Designed specifically to coat areas with high volume foot and vehicular traffic, RapidDeck is tough and robust yet flexible.

RapidDeck is designed to be durable enough to withstand both heavy traffic and exposed conditions. Multi-storey and underground car parks are subject to many stresses. Including grit and salt effects, automotive pressures and fluids, atmospheric conditions and heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

LRS have therefore developed our RapidDeck Balcony & Walkway, and RapidDeck Car Park specs for these purposes. To find out the most suitable coating system for your area of traffic, give us a call, on: 01948 841879

RapidDeck can be applied using a brush or short piled roller. Application surface temperatures must be between 0°c and 35°c. RapidDeck should always be applied in 2 coats. All joints / vulnerable areas need to be reinforced using LRS detailing Primer and LRS Joint Tape. Once cured apply 2 coats of RapidDeck.

For more information on any of our waterproofing products or systems, call on 01948 841879 or email the specialists today.