RapidRoof Ponding Filler is a rapid curing, extremely hard-wearing solution for eliminating ponding areas on flat surfaces allowing a completely flat surface to be achieved before application of a surface coating.

Can be used before the waterproofing application as it cures in 30 mins approx.

Remove all laitance, grease, oil, dust and other contaminants to provide a sound, clean substrate.

The prepared surface shall be primed by the application of LRS RapidRoof Primer. The mixed LRS RapidRoof Primer should be applied by brush or roller at a nominal rate of 1kg per 3-4m², depending upon surface profile. Allow the primer to cure for a minimum of 60 minutes.

LRS RapidRoof Ponding Filler is supplied as a two component product consisting of the PMMA RESIN component and the AGGREGATE component. The contents of the PMMA RESIN and the AGGRERGATE component should be thoroughly mixed together. A low speed drill stirrer will be suitable.

LRS RapidRoof Ponding Filler should be applied by trowelling to ensure good compaction and a tight finish. The material should not be feather edged.

Allowing a minimum cure time of 1 hour ~ 20°C prior to foot trafficking and 2 hours @ 20°C prior to full trafficking.

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