Gutters – Why are they high risk leak areas and how can RapidGutter help?

Gutters are intended to protect your home from roof and basement leaks. Unfortunately, over time they get clogged and damaged, becoming a high-risk area for leaks. Despite this issue, the gutters are out of sight and easily forgotten by most homeowners. They take them for granted unless they need repair or replacement. Just being a proactive homeowner and by timely undergoing repair or maintenance, you can prevent costly issues down the road.   

First, let’s have a look at the reasons why gutters are high-risk leak areas in your home.

Why are gutters so important?

Gutters direct rain and melting snow or ice away from your home. With such, they prevent erosion and other water damages to the foundation and surrounding landscape. Gutters play a vital role in protecting your roof and basement from leaks, mold, rust, and foundation cracks. Such issues when not addressed promptly can leave you with the annoyance of costly repairs.

So, always try to select functional gutters and engage a reputable company to have them installed in your home. Properly functioning gutters are your first line of defence in keeping your home’s exterior in immaculate condition for years.

What is the risk to gutters?

Leaves and debris can easily clog the gutters, but these are obvious and common issues. You can climb a ladder and clear the clogs without much trouble. But some issues are serious and can cause extensive problems for your roof drainage system.

When gutters don’t direct water safely away from the house, it can cause cracks in your foundation or the surrounding areas. Similarly, if you’re seeing standing water in gutters, you may have to call an expert to drain it. Otherwise, you can face problems like basement floods, leaks, and mold.

Gutters that are either damaged or are not properly installed will not serve the intended purpose. They need to be securely installed to drain water properly. So, if you’re seeing sagging, you need to secure them properly. Moreover, they are exposed to elements and can get cracked or rusted over time. So, if you see visible damage, you must call for repair immediately.

Why RapidGutter is the best choice

RapidGutter is LRS’ unique waterproofing system for gutters, that not only prolongs the gutter’s life but also makes it leak-proof. It can be applied easily by a brush or roller, and it typically cures within 20 minutes. The coating is elastic and flexible to cope with most structural movement, unlike rigid systems.

RapidGutter is the perfect solution for all sorts of commercial and industrial projects. It is available in grey or standard black colour, but you can convey your colour requirements for a custom order.

The best thing about rapid gutter is that you don’t need a primer to install, and it adheres to most surfaces. There’s no need for any flashings, trims, or expensive detailing.

Time to save your gutter.

Gutters are high-risk leak areas in your home. An improper material or installation can put your home at risk of costly water damage. So, if you’re worried about your home or business becoming water damaged, RapidGutter is an ideal solution.

For application guides on our liquid waterproofing systems, check out LRS’ YouTube channel here.

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