Everything you need to know about car park waterproofing

With the rainy season ahead, we are all concerned about the waterproofing of our car parks and how to keep your multi-stories parking space safe and secure. But before you look in for the waterproofing car park options that are available in the market, it is essential to note each and everything about it and how it impacts the efficiency and durability of your parking area.

Here is everything that you need to know about the waterproofing car park and how it impacts your parking areas. When you maintain your car park with all the essential protection and required elements, it is also essential to note that the car brings all the fumes and chemicals along with them and causes further destruction to your car parking areas.

What is car park waterproofing?

When it comes to providing all the essential protection to your car parking, one of the most important among them is waterproofing. It is similar to covering your parking area with a thin film of the sheet that forms a layer of protective covering around the building and provides waterproofing support from water and other chemicals.

What is the function of waterproofing in the car park?

Even when you have a covered car parking space, you need to maintain and protect the building at any cost to make sure that the steel and metal placements in the building don’t corrode over the span of a few years. Because the car parking may experience leakage and other issues with plumbing, there are chances that the roof or the sides of the car park will begin to leak. To avoid any chaos and deterioration of the car parking, it is essential to have the waterproofing of your car park completed before you wish to make it functional.

Is it functional against other chemicals?

One of the most common questions that we get to hear from people is doing the waterproofing of the car park is functional against water. Or is it that they provide a protective shield against other exhaust fumes, de-icers as well as chemicals that are generated by the engines of the car park.

Well! The good news from the car parking professionals is that it does provide treatment against all the toxic substances that are released from the car engines causing real-time damage to the building or the area which is being used as a car parking.

Therefore, if you are utilizing the services of waterproofing in a car park, make sure to know that you are covering the area with a protective shield against all the hazards.

Are the waterproofing materials that are used slip-proof?

The material used for the waterproofing of your car park is a covering that provides protection against wear and tear and abrasion. Moreover, the protective layer of the waterproofing material is slip-proof and, therefore, additional protection for the vehicles in high traffic areas.

Is waterproofing the car park is an expensive choice to make?

One of the most common reasons some of the people are still reluctant about waterproofing your car park area is because they find the services to be costly. But when you weigh the benefits that you could yield from car park waterproofing, they are immense. Thus, you are able to get better longevity and durability to the building and, therefore, reduce the overall cost of the maintenance and restoration of the car park.

What is car park waterproofing material designed of?

If you have surfaces such as cement, concrete, and polymer, these are the surfaces where we are able to provide liquid waterproofing to the surface. The waterproofing isn’t time-consuming and, therefore, dries up quickly. It helps you to achieve durability, longevity, and also low maintenance of your car parking area.

Make sure that the multi-story car parking doesn’t deteriorate with the fumes and chemicals that are exhausted by the cars and cause a great deal of damage to your cars and to the building at the same time.

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