Glasgow Office Roof

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When LRS’ approved contractors were called in to do this job on a Glasgow office roof, it was apparent that the damage that had been caused by the roof failing and water ingress was substantial. Upon removing a section of the pervious roof to inspect the timber, it was evident new decking was essential due to the damage already caused.

PROJECT – Glasgow Office Roof
LOCATION – Glasgow

The Problem

The existing roof substrate had failed and was causing water ingress and leak damage to the building below.

The Challenge

Due to the roof failing and damage that had already occurred to the internal structure of the building, it was of utmost importance that the existing roof and timber were removed, and a full system replacement were to take place.

The Solution

LRS approved contractors Sennit Construction recommended replacing the substrate with a new 18mm plywood before installing our RapidRoof PMMA system.

The Benefits

The works were carried out and completed in 2 ½ days, saving both the client and contractor on materials and labour. Delighted with the work, our valued client praised both the quality of the work carried out and the product used.

RapidRoof PMMA offers a unique, rapid curing, high performance waterproofing system suitable for many applications. With a typical cure time of 20 minutes our Rapid Range of product are suitable for year rounds application. Applied by brush or roller, LRS RapidRoof is one of the fastest and most cost effective waterproofing options for both commercial and residential projects.

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