Blackburn Commercial Gutter

Based on our RapidRoof formulation, RapidGutter Pro is a fast curing, cold liquid applied PMMA. Tough and durable enough to deal with high-risk leak areas such as gutter coatings.

PRODUCT – RapidGutter Pro
PROJECT – Blackburn Commercial Gutter
LOCATION – Blackburn

The Problem

This was an essential project as the gutter had exceeded its life expectancy. Joints were failing and the surface was corroding. Moreover, as the gutter is a very high-risk area for leaks, this project needed to be completed immediately with a reliable system.

Gutter before coating
Gutter full of leaves

The Challenge

The gutter was very wet and full of dirt and leaves. It was important to fully clean and dry before application. If the surface had any left over debris, the product wouldn’t stick to the gutter, meaning it would still be vulnerable to leaks.

The Solution

LRS was approached with the project and asked if we could deliver a fast and effective solution. We knew RapidGutter Pro would work perfectly once the surface had been fully prepared. the entire 80lm gutter was completed in 3 days.

The Benefit

Applied by approved contractors, our RapidGutter Pro system delivers high-performance waterproofing that is durable, cost-effective and comes with a 20-year guarantee.

RapidGutter complete

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Features & Benefits


Approved certification


Up to 25 year guarantees available


Approved contractor training available


Over coat almost any surface


Cost effective against other systems