Everything that you need to know about liquid rubber roofing

For all those commercial buildings, offices and industries where the chances for leakage and water trespassing during the rainy season are higher, they often don’t consider the option of a liquid rubber roof. Something that could protect your roofs from any kind of potential damage.

However, ever since the invention of the liquid rubber roof, things have now begun to change, and so is the perspective of the people who are now thinking about a time-efficient and cost-effective method of roofing. This happens to be one of the remedies to protect your roofs from damage at the same time, provide you with durability and sustainability that you have been looking for long.

But before you search for the best liquid roof material that is available in the market, it is essential to make sure that you know what rubber roofing is and how it works.

What is liquid roof?

For smaller surface areas like the residential homes and places which require a small amount of application of liquid roofing. It’s easier to do and manageable at the same time. It is essential to note that the liquid roofing system is similar to the paint, and you could apply it on the top of the roof. The system comes with the accelerator, which needs to be applied before the application of the roller.

It also consists of a self-levelling compound that is easier to mix and apply to the roof. The self-sealant compound enables to sealing of the cracks, nicks and corners of the roof. Therefore, you need to make sure that all the corners are properly sealed and approved.

A matting is applied, and in the end, another coat is applied to the rubber roofing to make sure that the roof is completely sealed and hence the complete installation is accomplished.

The benefits of having liquid rubber roofing on your roof:

Roofs are an essential part of your home, and one needs to protect the rubber roofing from potential hazards. There are endless benefits of having rubber roofing.

  • Protection against fire: an effective sealant membrane applied to the roof in the form of rubber roofing provides extensive support against the fire. For home industries and commercial buildings, it is essential to put a roofing membrane on your roof. Since there is no usage of primers and fleece is used in liquid roofing, it gives five times additional protection against any roofing system.
  • Super leak protection: Leak from the top of the roof is one of the worst nightmares of the homeowners, and therefore, you don’t want to get cracks in your roof, making your walls, foundation and all the adjoining areas get damaged. With the help of liquid roofing, you are able to get super leak protection, ensuring that there isn’t a single leak in walls.
  • It gives you immense durability: one of the reasons liquid roofing has become popular in the northern part of America is because of a high rise in durability and sustainability. However, the durability of liquid roofing is dependent upon the installation of the roof. If the application is seamless and no gaps are left unopened, only then you be able to find the durability that you have been looking for.
  • Helps you with the maintenance of the temperature: with liquid rubber roofing and its utmost flexibility, it provides you with protection against extreme weather conditions and, therefore, in areas where you have to bear with extreme heat and cold roofing with liquid foam provides you with coverage temperature fluctuations

What are the ways to get the best rubber roofing benefits?

When you look forward to getting the best liquid roofing system, one of the key aspects is to make sure that you hire a team of professionals for the installation of a rubber roofing system. When you have the professionals to back your system of liquid rubber roofing, you are able to yield positive results for at least 10 to 20 years without getting any maintenance required.

Moreover, with the help of the roofing system, we are using all the eco-friendly products the natural and light colours of the sealant are also responsible for the reflection of light and also enable your environment to remain harmless. It’s another method to get your roofs maintained in a natural manner.

Features & Benefits


Approved certification


Up to 25 year guarantees available


Approved contractor training available


Over coat almost any surface


Cost effective against other systems