Residential Balconies

Not just a roofing company; discover how our RapidDeck system was used to re-coat these residential balconies and walkways to achieve a watertight, anti-skid finish.

PRODUCT: RapidDeck
PROJECT: Residential Balconies

The Problem

The previous coating had failed so it had to be stripped back and the surface prepared for the new system to be applied.

The Challenge

This was an in-use walkway and balcony area with a lot of foot traffic. Therefore, this project presented two key challenges. Firstly, the time window in which to complete the project was only three days, as the job had to be completed with minimal disruption to the residents. Secondly, this was an area with high foot traffic; this project required a robust, long-lasting and anti-skid finish.

The Solution

With help from LRS’ technical specialists, it was decided that the most suitable system available on the market to achieve both the desired waterproofing standards and anti-skid properties was RapidDeck.

The Benefits

Using RapidDeck as the system of choice for this project meant the area was covered and fully cured ready for foot traffic in only three days. This minimized disruption to the residents increased credibility for our contractor and meant the building had fully watertight and walkable balconies and walkways which were guaranteed for 20 years to come.

Just take a look at the following testimonial to see just how satisfied our customer was.

Real pleasure doing business with you!!!
We will definitely be in touch with you again shortly, as we have to do the remaining walkways and many other future projects!!!
I’m very pleased and happy to know that we can always find support from such quality people like you!” – Malin

At the heart of everything we do here at LRS, is industry-leading products and exceptional customer care. That’s why we put so much effort into every project we do; to ensure ongoing roofing works don’t disrupt our customers’ businesses’.


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