FedEx Transfer Station

Uncover the secrets of how this 25,000m² industrial metal roof was overcoated in an industry-leading waterproofing system, completed and watertight in just 2 weeks.

PROJECT: FedEx Transfer Station
PRODUCT: Elasto-Kote (Portland Grey)
PROJECT SIZE: 25,000m²
APPLICATION: Spray applied
GUARANTEE: 20 years

The Problem

This large industrial metal roof had been damaged and leaks were present in several areas due to corrosion. It required a full overcoat to ensure it was fully waterproofed. This would help to prevent further corrosion from developing around exposed, cut metal edges.

The Challenge

There was a small-time window of only two weeks to complete this 25,000m² roof. A roof of this scale would often take twice this time, so this was a challenge for our contractors.

The Solution

It was decided that LRS’ spray-applied Elasto-Kote system was the only option to deliver the waterproofing necessary in the time frame available.

Elasto-Kote is a quick and simple application with no need for reinforcement due to very high tensile strength, extending the life of the roof while the business stays in use with minimum disruption.

The Benefits

This high profile project was completed in time and on budget, exceeding the client’s expectations. Furthermore, finished with a highly solar reflective and FM approved system, Elasto-Kote offers an exceptionally high performance waterproof elastomeric finish.

At the heart of everything, we do here at LRS, are our industry-leading products and exceptional customer care. That’s why we put so much effort into every project we do; to ensure ongoing roofing works don’t disrupt our customers’ businesses’.

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