Fast Food Franchise

Discover the process taken to assess the problems associated with this Fast Food Franchises roof. We explain the challenge that was presented, the waterproofing system solution and the benefits of the systems that were used.

PROJECT: Fast Food Franchise HQ
PRODUCT: RapidRoof Pro & FastCoat Pro
LOCATION: Maidenhead

The Problem

The previous asphalt and mineral felt had passed its life expectancy. It had started showing cracks and had begun to fail. This was causing ingress and disruption to the busy offices below. Firstly, the client called in an LRS approved contractor to assess the roof re-lay the liquid applied waterproofing systems. Ultimately, it was decided a combination of LRS systems was needed to make the roof watertight again.

The Challenge

The existing failing asphalt roof needed to be overcoated to avoid as much water ingress damage as possible and limit the disruption to the business below. Due to the nature of the challenge this roof presented and with prevention needed to avoid further water ingress damage, some areas of the roof needed to be completed quicker than others.

The Solution

One area had to be completed in a day so that the contractor could move on to the larger area. Moreover, with advice from LRS’ technical experts, the contractor decided to use FastCoat Pro for the larger area where completion time was more lenient. Furthermore, RapidRoof Pro was used for the area which needed to be completed within a day. Because of its rapid curing qualities, the RapidRoof Pro topcoat can be applied 30 minutes after the base coat, meaning you can complete a 20m² area in under a day.

The Benefits

An LRS contractor installed the liquid-applied PU and PMMA waterproofing systems quickly and efficiently. Therefore time was reduced on-site. Moreover, disruption was minimised to the business below. This left the customer with a fully waterproof and aesthetically pleasing finished roof covered by LRS’ 20-year guarantee.

At the heart of everything we do here at LRS, are industry-leading products and exceptional customer care. That’s why we put so much effort into every project we do; so we ensure ongoing roofing works don’t disrupt our customers’ businesses’.

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