Sheet Metal Roof Repairs | Commercial and Industrial Roofing

In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of using sheet metal roofing, the problems that can arise, and some easy sheet metal roof repairs for when they do.

Metal is strong, robust, and flexible, which is why it is commonly used in commercial and industrial roofing. It is a lightweight material which offers roof waterproofing and longevity on large scale buildings and structures which need to be kept watertight. As well as that there are several cost-effective solutions for when you do need sheet metal roof repairs.

Due to its lightweight and easy installation, sheet metal roofing is also a very cost-effective roof when compared to tiles, slate, or concrete. This means you can cover a larger area in a shorter time and for less cost.

Metal Roof Problems

Metal roof sheets are covered with a plastic coating such as plastisol when they are manufactured. This helps prevent the metal from becoming corroded over time. However, when being cut to size in the factory, this often leaves an exposed metal edge which when exposed to oxygen, will begin to corrode the metal and is often the area where roofing problems will develop. Water will begin to exacerbate the problem and cause the coating to peel off from the metal, leading to further problems and increased areas of damage and potential leaking.

If your roof is older than 10 years and has been left untreated then it is highly likely that rust and corrosion will have begun to set in around your cut edges, if it has not already developed further and caused leaking or internal damage from water ingress.

Overcoating Solutions

I do not need to tell you how expensive full roof replacements are, so if you can offer a solution which re-coats the old roof – instead of fully replacing it – saving you time and money, minimizing disruption to the business below, and increasing your efficiency on site – this is typically the preferable choice for most roof contractors and building owners/managers.

The next problem comes from which overcoating system to choose, and why. With many systems on the market making false promises or claiming to offer flexibility, long life spans and cost-effective solutions – I urge you to take a further look into each system and the manufacturer’s reputability before committing yourself to anyone or the other.

The main benefits to look for when deciding on a liquid roofing system are expressed in the following:


No one wants to be dealing with products or contractors whose roofs only last 2-5 years before needing replacement, so make sure you use a reputable product that has a guarantee of 10 – 20+ years (remember there is a difference between a life expectancy and a guarantee), like Karnak’s Elasto-Kote systems which have a 20-year guarantee.

Time Saving

The quicker you can lay the product the quicker you can finish the job. Elasto-Kote can be spray applied, which means you can apply up to 5X faster than when using a roller or brush. This means your time is therefore worth more. And just maybe you can finish work on time this week.

Cost Effective

Ensure that the system you are using is the most cost-effective for your needs. How much does it cost to install per m2 when considering the cost of material, labour costs, and expenses? Ensure the product is applied most cost-effectively, using a simple spray application.

Minimal Fuss

Roof preparation, set-up, and cleaning are all time-consuming tasks to be factored into the overall cost of roof installation. Minimising fuss around these tasks means that your time is worth more, you are not spending half the day fussing. Elasto-Kote reduces all of this fussing as it is simple to set up, easy to use and quick to apply. This gives you the ideal solution for when you need to complete sheet metal roof repairs.

Ongoing Support

What do you do when you come to an issue on-site? Figure it out yourself? Check the manufacturer’s instruction on their website? Doing all this will waste your time and not always give you the answer you’re looking for.

Or just make one quick call to on-hand technical support and have an answer there and then. Which would you prefer?

At Liquid Roofing Systems, we pride ourselves on our quality products as well as our first-class customer service.

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