Contractor Training - Liquid Rubber

LRS Approved Contractor Training Programme

LRS Systems – What can we do for you?

At LRS, we manufacture high performance, waterproofing solutions for the building, roofing and construction industries.  Each of our systems are leaders in their respective fields, due to their unique credentials in waterproofing, longevity and application speed, making them the preferred choice for quality cost effective systems.  The range of products we supply includes liquid solutions to cover: asbestos roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs and concrete, for both industrial and commercial installations.

LRS Approved Contractor Training Programme

Our Approved Contractor Training Programme is a 2 day course, run at our specialist training centre. At our programme, you will work closely with our technical training team, who will go through the use and application of our systems in detail.

The first day of training will be based on the Liquid Rubber system:

  • Preparation of all roof types.
  • All aspects of detailing.
  • Brush / roller application.
  • Instant Set Spray application.
  • Maintenance for machines, parts and guns.

The second day is dedicated to our RapidRoof system, covering:

  • Preparation.
  • Detailing.
  • Installation.

Approved Contractor Status

On completion of the training course, you will be recognised as an LRS Approved Contractor and will receive full accreditation and certification.  Our Approved Contractors Network ensures the highest quality of installation and consistency across all projects which use our products.

Approved Contractor Benefits:

  • Approved Contractor pricing.
  • Enquiries fielded to you for jobs in your area.
  • Up to 25 year guarantees on our Liquid Rubber system.
  • Full technical and site support.

If you are interested in joining our Approved Contractors Network, give our team a call today on: 01948 841 877.