Liquid Rubber Roofing Systems

New: Liquid Rubber Aggregated

Our most recent development is the creation of a specification to include a grey aggregate (slate) finish. This will make the Liquid Rubber roof look the same as a Felt roof, but with all the benefits offered by Liquid Rubber’s seamless, fully bonded system.

The advantages of using this finish are;

  1. Alternative to topcoat
  2. Minimal additional cost over Liquid Rubber standard application (Approx. £1 per sq/m)
  3. Reduces heat
  4. Eliminates stickiness
  5. Excellent grey finish

Essentially the way the finish is achieved is by brush applying Liquid Rubber at 0.5 litres per square meter and scattering aggregate into the surface.

If you require a small sample of the aggregate used (which you can source locally if required), or require any further information, please let us know.